«Discover and live the mayan culture beyond all backgrounds»

Start your day by visiting the mysterious archaeological site of Cobá in the subtropical forest of Yucatan to discover an abandoned mayan kingdom from the classical times. Climb the top of the main temple Nohoch Muul to experience the rhythms of another time with a spectacular view of the jungle canopy. Cobá was built about 600 to 900 AD. A special feature of the zone are about 45 brick pathways-sacbes or mayan roads that linked the site to more remote towns and settlements.​

Continuing with this adventure, your guide will take you to an organic farm to immerse yourself in a community project to see some of the ancient ways of gardening, a vast number of fruit trees, vegetables and medicinal plants. Lunch will take place visiting a mayan family that has been living off the land for generations, with them you will learn about the traditional way of cooking and making tortillas.​

As part of the trip you will participate in a project created by locals to learn about the most important deer sanctuary Nojoch Keej where different endangered species native to Mexico are being protected to preserve the importance of safeguarding wildlife.​

Conclude this amazing day exploring a hidden cenote with a hole in the ceiling to cool off. Refreshing and cristal clear waters ideal for swimming or free diving.

unique experience in mayan village!