Prepare yourself to adventure into the Mayan underworld and discover why the cenotes are sacred for the ancient and actual Mayans. Route of three different underground water systems of the Yucatan and Quintana Roo state.

Start with an amazing day into a cavern cenote with crystal waters, recognized as the most enigmatic hiding its beauty inside a cave chamber. Unique due to its mystical atmosphere where the Maya had practiced traditional ceremonies.

Suutul ja’ is a semi-open cenote which its ceiling has collapsed because of the years. Here you’ll have some time to explore the underground chambers to reveal their secrets but also to admire the lush vegetation and tall trees surrounding its magical feeling. Perfect to relax with the peacefulness of nature.

Our adventure concludes at an ancient cenote which at first sight looks like a lake or a very small lagoon. Xuunan ja’ was used in the past as a source of water for the mayan communities.

​Don’t miss this genuine adventure!