«In every season you can enjoy a large variety of bird species»

In the South of Mexico we have the Yucatan Peninsula where we can find ideal protected areas for Birdwatchers, being home of amazing bird species. If you are a nature lover and like the practice of observing birds in their natural environment as a hobby or as a professional photographer then, you’ll find the Peninsula quite interesting and unique.

Admire the Natural Protected Area of Punta Laguna “Otoch ma’ax yetel Kooh” to look for colorful, endemic and migratory birds assisted by a knowledgeable local expert who will take you to the right places for the best experience during the tour, not only into the jungle but also around some lagoons, caves and cenotes to probably spot other wildlife to take great pictures.

After a long walk, relax around a lagoon to observe the beauty of the reserve with the peacefulness of nature or just go for a swim into freshwater before continuing with an excellent half-day tour.
To conclude a perfect day, we go to have lunch in a Mayan Village to combine nature and traditional Mayan cuisine.

The perfect tour for beginners and advanced birdwatchers!


  • Mosquito Repellent.
  • Sunblock (Biodegradable preferably)
  • Hiking Shoes and Sandals.
  • Swimming suit and towel.
  • Binoculars.
  • Camera to take pictures.
  • Some cash for souvenirs and tips. (No ATM machines in the area)